• Owner of Social Media Site Formerly Known as Twitter Elon Musk Reportedly Rethinking Calling Tweets X's, Details More Changes

    A source familiar with the inner workings of Twitter, now known as X, reported that in a recent internal discussion, Elon Musk decided to rethink calling Tweets "X's", and suggested a better name could be "Divorces". "We were thinking that you could have Divorces, so why not have Redivorces, too? People sometimes get married multiple times and decide that who they were previously with wasn't good enough for their superior intellect, right?"


  • Registrar at the Brink of the Void: Moving from Google Domains

    Recently Google announced Google Domains was going to be sold to Squarespace, and since I don't trust them, I decided to move to a different registrar. This really bothers me, because I liked Google Domains with how clean their UI is and the fact that they didn't try to upsell me while keeping my domain's renewal price the same every year. So I started looking for other options and settled on a few potential ones.

    Eventually I decided to just go with Porkbun for now as people seem to like it and I didn't want to get into a bad situation transferring my domain in a panic and also not spending a ton of money. Unfortunately as my Mastodon post mentions, they use Cloudflare for DNS and last I checked still are the registrar for a terf site. At least they didn't take way longer than necessary to drop a hate site like Cloudflare did, but still not good. This is intended to be temporary until I can find a better option if possible. No ethical consumption under capitalism, and all that. I'm sorry.

  • Republishing my Old Website

    (Note: this post was mainly copied from my old website, so it may not make much sense here; that being said, I hope you enjoy.)

    I've decided to go ahead and republish my old website, as there were quite a few pages I still haven't moved over to my new one (mainly the MASH Scripts and Characters ones, but there are surprisingly a few more that may or may not be brought over depending on what I decide to do), and I don't want those pages to potentially be lost forever if I forget to add them. While doing this, I also decided to do a few maintenance activities on it to fix a few things like changing the email address the contact forms send to, finally having the website use HTTPS, as well as putting the ROM Hacking page back in the navigation bar. Not sure why that wasn't there.

    As always, my new website is at https://drew-naylor.com, and new blog posts will continue to be published there as they have been for the last almost 6 years. Comments may also be manually placed onto the blog post on the new website if they're fine and the commenter says they want them to be placed there (emails won't be added, obviously), as I don't plan to keep checking and approving comments here because it's time to move on, towards the future. I hope you enjoyed my final blog post on my old website.

    "It's been fun..."

  • Website SSL/TLS Certificate Update and Dumping Cloudflare

    Just writing a quick blog post to let everyone know that I've switched my website to using Google's default nameservers and the "force HTTPS" option in the GitHub Pages settings, so that a Let's Encrypt certificate is now being used for HTTPS on my website instead of Cloudflare's one. What does this change offer you? Well,


  • How to Switch TTYs with the PinePhone Keyboard Case (systemd-only method)

    Recently I made a video showing how to switch TTYs with the PinePhone Keyboard Case, so this is a text-based version if that's easier to follow.


  • UXL Launcher Version 3.4/4.0 Developer's Note

    Version 3.4 Stable is having its version number increased to 4.0 since it seems like the changes would be better in a new major version. If they weren't that different I would keep it on 3.4, but the Options window changed so much and the defaults changing could be confusing if it's not a major version increase, so I increased it. Version 3.4 RC1 unintentionally turned out to be a preview of Version 4.0 even though it wasn't supposed to be a GNOME-style preview version. Changes intended for 3.5 are being moved to 4.1, and changes for 4.0 are being moved to 5.0.


  • UXL Launcher Version 3.2 Status Update

    Update 4-30-2019: UXL Launcher Version 3.2 Stable is now available for download, and the changelog and downloads are listed on the UXL Launcher GitHub Releases page. GitHub does not endorse UXL Launcher or Drew Naylor.


  • Christians Turning Away Because of trump's Actions and Language - A Possibility

    No images of, or links to, trump will be in this post.


  • Recent website improvements.

    Recently I made a blog post about changing the feed generation method which included switching to RSS instead of Atom because it seems to work a little better for me. However, that's not all I've done to improve this site recently. Below are some other things that weren't mentioned in that original blog post.


  • I'm using a different method to generate the RSS feed. UPDATE 5/5/2017.

    As the title states, I'm using a different method of generating an RSS feed for this blog, with RSS instead of Atom due to linking issues with the old method. Click on the title to see more.


  • This is a test post. Nothing to see here.

    Hello everybody, this is Drew Naylor and I'm testing out how Jekyll sorts posts if they're set to be posted later in the day or in the future otherwise. Please note that this post was originally created on April 23, 2017, at 1:00 AM EDT.


  • It's been a while since my last blog post...

    I've been working on YouTube videos for both my main and my secondary YouTube channels as well as working on software on GitHub! If you're reading this on my GitHub site here, then you probably already know that site is hosted on GitHub, mainly because I link to the repository in a bunch of different places. If not, you're probably reading this on Weebly.


  • Updated lots of descriptions on YouTube

    I have updated the descriptions on most of my videos and changed some of the titles. Also, there's a new video ready!


  • Video pages on this site updated!

    Also I uploaded some new videos to both of my YouTube channels!


  • Officially releasing my App Launchers for Office!

    Note that I haven't actually made an entire changelog on my new site, but I did post there that the apps are available. Go to my GitHub Releases pages to download them, along with source code!



  • Goodbye ROM Files, Hello BPS Patches!

    As the title states, from now on I will no longer be distributing Rom (Z64 or V64 etc) files and will be distributing all hacks in BPS patch format! If you don't know what BPS patches are, you can refer to this page on SMW Central.

    What this means is that it will no longer be as simple as just downloading a hack from my site and running it immediately. Fortunately, it's easy to create patches using BPS and even easier to patch a ROM to play! All my links on my Roms page have been updated with links to ZIP packages containing a Readme file, the patch, a Project64 configuration tutorial, and a copy of the patcher (along with the license for it.)

  • Important - Please read. UPDATED 8/16/2015

    UPDATE: The Roms page is now relisted in my site navigation bar. I tried to do it on the 13th, but I didn't get around to it.
    In memory of Satoru Iwata, I am hiding the Roms page on my site for one month starting today, July 13 until August 13. On August 13, I will unhide the Roms page.

  • I fixed a bug on my website!

    All I had to do was republish my site. Apparently I messed up my More... drop-down nav button so that nothing would show up when I mouse over it. Please tell me if there is anything else broken and I will fix it when I get the time. If it's major, I'll work on it as soon as I have free time. You can contact me on my Contact Me page under the More... drop-down box, or at the address below if that stops working again: http://drewnayloremulation.weebly.com/contact-me.html


  • Just a head's up...

    New videos on my website. Goodnight!

  • Where have I been on YouTube (From my YouTube account)

    Please note that the following paragraph has been directly copied from my YouTube account.


  • My brand-new DuckDuckGo Search Bar

    Whoah! Double post! I'm sure you weren't expecting that at all! Anyway, click on the "Read More" link below to read the entire article.


  • Where I have been on my new YouTube page (Drew's Videos)

    Please click on "Read More" to read this rather long blog post. Ignore this line of text if you already clicked on the "Read More" link.


  • What Goes Around Comes Around

    Have you ever had something that you didn't want anymore so you take it to a second-hand store? It probably feels nice to get rid of some stuff and clean your house, but have you ever been given the exact same one as a gift from someone you don't know? Well, that recently happened to my mom. Click on "Read More" below to continue reading.


  • My user-friendly website

    Today, I updated my Website. I have moved videos into their own categories, especially for Dolphin Emulator. I have also condensed the Navigation bar at the top of every page. I have hidden things that are not needed any more (you can still get to the now-unlisted pages by typing in their URL if you remember,) and removed some links that no longer work. Please enjoy my new Website layout and please send feedback to me; it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Super Luigi 64 version 1.8.30: What is the .30 for?

    I have finally gotten a version of my ROM hack, "Super Luigi 64," released to commemorate the "Year of Luigi"! This had been my goal ever since I heard that 2013 was the "Year of Luigi". There is now an icon of Luigi in the HUD in place of Mario, among other changes. The ".30" in the file name is specifically for this occasion; 2013 is the 30th Anniversary of Luigi (1983-2013). The link to it is under the "ROMs" page, in the first category. I will be making a video for it soon.

  • Switching to Bing

    I stopped using Google and went to Bing. I like Bing better than Google because of many things, including a new picture every day. Once I looked up my website on Bing and it had my YouTube videos for Dolphin Emulator. There is a link to Bing in the "Links" page on the site. I suggest people check it out.

  • Drew's App version 1.0

    I would like to say that version 1.0 of my program is released. This will be the final version. You can run v0.5 and v1.0 side by side, if you wanted to compare them. Each time I make a program, I set the installer on a default folder path of the version\name of the app. It will be the final version of Drew's App. I may make updates for it, however. Screenshots:


  • Drew's App version 0.5

    Today I would like to announce my release of version 0.5 of my application! There are lots of improvements to it, including but not limited to being a portable application and including an installer. See the new "Changelog" file for details. I still need to add stuff to the "About" page. "TabPage1" contains nothing. Screenshot:


  • Developing Apps

    Today I would like to announce the first release of my first program, Drew's Application! It does not sound like much but sometime I will make the title better. Here is a screenshot:


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