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Where have I been on YouTube (From my YouTube account)

Please note that the following paragraph has been directly copied from my YouTube account.

Attention everyone: I have restored the Windows Update videos today. The reason I haven't been posting videos lately is because I kinda got bored of YouTube. So, I am still alive, just in case you were concerned. I do plan on making more videos in the future, but I'm not really working on any right now.

I finished building my computer last September. It runs Linux Mint 17.1 with 8GB of RAM and 750GB of storage. It has a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i3-4130 processor with an Asus Z87-A ATX motherboard. As for videos, I do have some recordings on the PC of testing SSR and recording interesting things I see in Minecraft.

I do have some video ideas in a text document on my laptop. On my wall in my office I have some more ideas such as an intro idea for a series I might make. The series might be unprofessional, (hint hint!), but I'll try my best to make them entertaining, because if "Cat Fails" can be entertaining, this should be as well.

Sometime in the future I might be buying a wind instrument that became popular around 1998. Once I learn some songs on it, I'll probably make videos of it. But that won't be for at least 2 months. I really need to figure out some sort of content to record and upload to upload. Maybe I should make a video on OpenBroadcastSoftware...