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Republishing my Old Website

(Note: this post was mainly copied from my old website, so it may not make much sense here; that being said, I hope you enjoy.)

I've decided to go ahead and republish my old website, as there were quite a few pages I still haven't moved over to my new one (mainly the MASH Scripts and Characters ones, but there are surprisingly a few more that may or may not be brought over depending on what I decide to do), and I don't want those pages to potentially be lost forever if I forget to add them. While doing this, I also decided to do a few maintenance activities on it to fix a few things like changing the email address the contact forms send to, finally having the website use HTTPS, as well as putting the ROM Hacking page back in the navigation bar. Not sure why that wasn't there.

As always, my new website is at https://drew-naylor.com, and new blog posts will continue to be published there as they have been for the last almost 6 years. Comments may also be manually placed onto the blog post on the new website if they're fine and the commenter says they want them to be placed there (emails won't be added, obviously), as I don't plan to keep checking and approving comments here because it's time to move on, towards the future. I hope you enjoyed my final blog post on my old website.

"It's been fun..."