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I fixed a bug on my website!

All I had to do was republish my site. Apparently I messed up my More... drop-down nav button so that nothing would show up when I mouse over it. Please tell me if there is anything else broken and I will fix it when I get the time. If it's major, I'll work on it as soon as I have free time. You can contact me on my Contact Me page under the More... drop-down box, or at the address below if that stops working again: http://drewnayloremulation.weebly.com/contact-me.html

You can also contact me via a comment on one of my videos on YouTube, or via a post on my official Facebook page.

A report on broken stuff would be greatly appreciated. Also, please detail how to reproduce the bug on my website, as well as pages which exhibit the bug. Thank you.


UPDATE 4/13/2016: If you want to report a bug on THIS site, please file an issue on my GitHub repository.

UPDATE 11/20/2019: Updated link to my Facebook page with a current one.