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Please note that I have not forgotten about the "New Channel Welcome Video" and that I will eventually get it released. My tower I was processing it on is not really the kind of computer for video rendering, as it has a Pentium 4 processor with 3 GB of RAM, (technically, Windows XP reports it as 2.99 GB, but, close enough.) Currently, I am in the process of shopping online and in local stores for components for a new computer. The real reason why I haven't done anything on it for MONTHS is because the ground prong on my surge protector came out of the plug. I'll be buying a UPS in the future after I buy everything I need for my tower.

I'm not the kind of person to boast about computer power to just anyone, but, if you want to know, it will have 4 GB of RAM to start off with, an Intel CPU (Maybe i3; if that's too expensive for me, I could actually just get a new Pentium if that supports everything,) Intel Integrated Graphics for now until I have enough money for a dedicated graphics card, at least one 500 GB Hard drive, a DVD burner, etc. For the Operating System, it will have Ubuntu for video processing and everything besides Windows development. Later I will be adding a second Hard disk and putting Windows 8 on it; I know Dual-Booting Windows 8/8.1 and really any Linux distro is tough to accomplish. If Windows 7 can develop for Windows Phone 8 with those hacks out there, I'll take my chance with 7 and Ubuntu rather than have nightmares with 8.1 vs Ubuntu.

The reason I am choosing Linux first on it is just to save $100+ on the new computer that would otherwise have Windows. Also, I'm just tired of "Windows Everywhere" on every computer (and also Windows malware and stuff like that.)

So, just because I haven't done anything in a while on here doesn't mean I'm not going to release more videos. :)

This post was created mainly because YouTube does not allow posts exceeding 500 characters. Not only that, but it was also to let people know what's up.