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Registrar at the Brink of the Void: Moving from Google Domains

Recently Google announced Google Domains was going to be sold to Squarespace, and since I don't trust them, I decided to move to a different registrar. This really bothers me, because I liked Google Domains with how clean their UI is and the fact that they didn't try to upsell me while keeping my domain's renewal price the same every year. So I started looking for other options and settled on a few potential ones.

Eventually I decided to just go with Porkbun for now as people seem to like it and I didn't want to get into a bad situation transferring my domain in a panic and also not spending a ton of money. Unfortunately as my Mastodon post mentions, they use Cloudflare for DNS and last I checked still are the registrar for a terf site. At least they didn't take way longer than necessary to drop a hate site like Cloudflare did, but still not good. This is intended to be temporary until I can find a better option if possible. No ethical consumption under capitalism, and all that. I'm sorry.