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What Goes Around Comes Around

Have you ever had something that you didn't want anymore so you take it to a second-hand store? It probably feels nice to get rid of some stuff and clean your house, but have you ever been given the exact same one as a gift from someone you don't know? Well, that recently happened to my mom. Click on "Read More" below to continue reading.

One of her friends told her about someone who needed help cleaning their house. So she started cleaning their house a few days ago for a few hours a day. The other day, the owner of the house gave her a painting that he bought from a local thrift shop. Turns out, that is the exact same one as the painting my mom and I took to that same store a few years ago.

So remember, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

P.S.: Yes, I know I have not posted anything in a while, (almost four months), but I also haven't done much with my website since my last blog.

P.P.S: If anyone accessed my website around 7 o'clock, you may have noticed a different favicon than usual. That was an experiment for my Nana's website.