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Christians Turning Away Because of trump's Actions and Language - A Possibility

No images of, or links to, trump will be in this post.

I don't want people to be too upset, so I won't go too much into actual politics in this blog post, but I wanted to post this somewhere. Last night as I was getting my toothbrush around to brush my teeth, I realized that many people who claim to be Christians have been turning away lately. This realization and its possible reason just popped into my head at one point. The most common reason? trump's language and disrespect for people. (I think this is one of the most common reasons I see when it relates to him; other reasons include them deciding that God doesn't exist so they become atheists, but that's not what I'm talking about today.) What I want to talk about is how trump claims to be a Christian (acronym: "CINO", "Christian In Name Only") but most of his actions and words don't even come close to being similar to Christ. For example, he's vulgar, greedy, hateful, lazy, selfish, disrespectful, abusive, lies frequently, and maybe a few other things I can't think of right now. All of these things that he does/things that describe him are things that I was taught not to do in my Christian school. When some people who claim to be Christians (I don't know if they actually are Christians or they're pretending, but if they only say they are, they still need Jesus) see what trump is saying on Twitter (I won't link it for the sake of everyone's lunch), some reply and say that they're no longer Christians because of trump.

Why do I think this is such a big deal? It's mostly because it's entirely possible that Satan is taking advantage of the fact that trump, someone who I personally can't see any presidential qualifications in, is currently in the office of President. After all, trump claims to be a Christian and even went as far in the 2016 campaign to put something to the effect of him being chosen by God to lead the US on the yard signs for his campaign. He sure was chosen by God, but I don't think it was for him to lead (he's gotten away with a lot of things in the past, so maybe putting him in a public position with more responsibility is part of God's plan for punishment, but I don't know what God's plan is.) Thus, with him claiming to be a Christian and still being vulgar (and everything else mentioned above), it doesn't surprise me that Satan would decide to take advantage of the situation to try to steer away some vulnerable people from God. All I want is for people to be aware of this possibility so that they're not misled like many people have (potentially) been.

This doesn't even mention all the other sources of people claiming to be Christian but not acting like it. The Republican party has, for a while, been acting greedy, while the Democratic party has started to look more Christlike in (most of) its actions. It's strange, mostly because of what the Republican party says what it stands for. Neither party is anywhere close to perfect, and there are quite a few things I disagree with the Democratic party on, but at least their candidate for the 2016 election was respectful in the rallies and in public. I don't know what Hillary Clinton said in private (for all I know, she could be vulgar, too, but I'm not claiming that), but at least she wasn't disrespectful to disabled people (I still can't get that horrible image of trump mocking the disabled reporter out of my head).

I don't want the comments to turn into a flamewar or anything, so please, be respectful to each other. I will close the comments on this post if I have to, but I don't want to. One thing I want to make clear before I'm done with this post, I'm not trying to attack anyone who left because of trump; I only want to mention how there's the possibility that Satan is taking advantage of someone who claims that they're a Christian being in office to turn some people away from God. If you or someone you may know has turned away from God because of trump's actions and language, please understand that what he's saying and doing is definitely not what Christians should do, and that I encourage you (or the person you know) to seek God and ask for help (if you or they are not saved yet, you or they will have to first accept Jesus as their Saviour, then you or they should ask God for help [I think the person who is unsaved is the one who actually has to accept Jesus, but you or they can ask your or their Pastor to help you or they accept Jesus if need be]).