About Drew Naylor

Welcome to my website! I am Drew Naylor and I work on some software sometimes, this website other times, and YouTube videos yet other times. I hope you enjoy visiting this site and come back often!

Content Ownership and Licensing

Please note: as stated in the footer, all trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective companies/organizations. Content on this website (excluding scripts [the base for the "Mario follows cursor" script was originally copied from RainbowArch Scripts on Scriptmania, which is also where the homepage clock is from I think too, then Mario and Luigi walking GIFs from Google Images were placed in it], theming, Mario and related characters [Mario is owned by Nintendo], and anything else owned by other people, organizations, or corporations) is owned by Drew Naylor unless otherwise specified. Additionally, unless otherwise specified, the content owned by Drew Naylor (such as blog posts) is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. The original website's code is under the Unlicense, though one word in the license file (but not in its main text) was changed to be family-friendly.

In the event that something really bad and unexpected happens to me, Drew Naylor, that I cannot recover from, everything that I have ever made (source code, my YouTube videos, social media posts, etc.) that I have exclusive copyright on (so for source code, that would be modifications if I changed a file, or probably the entire thing if it's just something like libguinget) shall immediately become public domain (I live in the US right now, so US laws on public domain would apply, I think but I am not a lawyer) as much as possible and I give permission to change licenses on my code to be as compatible with what you need it to be for your projects, if that is allowed. If something is not under copyright by me, this permission does not extend to it, for example, if someone else modified one of my files and I merged their code; you'd have to ask their permission to relicense. I am granting this permission on February 27, 2023, as I want to ensure my stuff will be usable by the general public way before copyright otherwise expires in the US. Please do not abuse this permission, for example by creating horrible AI "art" based off, say, pictures or videos of me. You know what I'm referring to. Additionally, please do not abuse my work to take advantage of anyone or cause emotional, physical, mental, financial, etc. harm to anyone. This permission does not extend to nazis/the far-right and similar groups that are branches of them like terfs. Private correspondence such as emails as well as private medical details are not included in this permission.

Privacy Policy

I (Drew Naylor) will not share your personal information with anyone for any purpose beyond what Porkbun and Cloudflare (Porkbun sadly uses Cloudflare nameservers now; sorry, I didn't know of anything better that wouldn't break my domain when Google Domains shut down and I didn't trust Squarespace; I'll find something else eventually I hope) when you visit my site, though it is important to note that blog posts use Disqus, which may share or use your data. Trackers that Disqus contacts are Google (dot com), Facebook (dot com and dot net), and Disqus (dot com). One specific thing Disqus shares with me last I knew was the IP address of commenters when they leave a comment, in addition to the commenter's public profile information. Preferably the Disqus code would be loaded on clicking something like on Softpedia, but I don't know how to do that. Some cookies may also be stored, but as far as I know they're just related to Disqus (logins, etc.).

Last Updated

  • Content Ownership and Licensing section: March 5, 2023. Reason: Private correspondence and private medical details are not included in the emergency public domain permission.
  • Privacy Policy section: July 29, 2023. Reason: Change Google Domains stuff to Porkbun and Cloudflare nameservers.

About Me text from old website (modified a bit.)

I am Drew Naylor. I started editing after a friend discovered Toads Tool 64 and showed me how to use it to edit Super Mario 64. Since then, I have been editing Super Mario 64 using Toads Tool, Mario 64 Text Wrangler, and others.

Luigi in Bomb-omb Battlefield.
^ Super Luigi 64.

Mario in a gold-colored suit.
^ Golden Mario 64 with New Color Code.