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Drew's App Launcher Version 2.8 Stable released!

Note that this is the 32-bit version and Weebly isn't allowing me to update the title.
I'm really excited to tell everyone that I've released version 2.8 of my app launcher! Remember that I'm not going to use this Weebly site to notify people of updates going forward, so you should probably upgrade as the default setting in 2.8 to pull up the feed I use on the GitHub Releases feed when the user clicks on the "Version History" buttons.

Download here: https://github.com/DrewNaylor/MSOfficeAppLauncherNext32/releases/tag/v2.8

MD5 sum for "MSOfficeAppLauncher.exe" in the archive: 8F89A97E7E90D5B101382DDDC9384383
You can use a tool called MD5Check to compare the hashes.