Intro Level Walkthrough

This page will tell you how to finish the intro level.

Step 1:
Make a new save file and open it. Click here for new game info.

Step 2:
Watch the videos and press A to continue. Be sure to take your time.

Step 3:
The next part is like Super Mario Bros. Control Mario to the right and collect Star Bits. A is jump, tilt the control stick to move, and shake the Wii Remote to spin-jump (future note: can't remember if partial spin-jumping like New SMB Wii is allowed before step 4). Some of the Super Mario 64 controls remain, too, such as wall jumps.

Step 4:
Mario will soon find a baby Luma on the ground. He fell from the sky and seems confused. He could have been lost... But, they teamed up and now Mario can spin attack. Click here to learn some special jumps. Be sure to free the Lumas!

Step 5:
Walk around the town and pay special attention to the sounds and vibrations from the remote. Be sure to notice Bowser, too. Somehow, he grew. Don't worry, there are no battles yet. Bowser is trying to make a bigger empire and put it in the center of the universe. He then flies away.

Step 6:
Everything is now in ruins. Explore the area, but do not talk to the Luma that is near the castle until you are finished. This is a good level for practicing in, jumping and running. When you are finished, talk to the Lumas and one will transform into a Launch Star to start playing.